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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 1일 오전 8시 24분
Femscout model with pants. Anyone seen her?
I have been searching for a Femscout model with ordinary Scouts pants, and I have seen it like 2 times, but I got no answer from the uploaders about the model. If anyone knows where to find/download the model or the name of the model, please tell me!
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Pte Jack 2014년 1월 1일 오후 1시 47분 
Are you talking about the regular Fem Scout, the Schoolgirl Scout or the teen scout?
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 1일 오후 3시 27분 
Hi Pte Jack! Love ur videos! Well I was thinking of something like the regular Femscout splitted in half and ordinary Scout splitted in half, and then we put Scout's bottom on Femscout's top. Do you know anything?
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 1일 오후 3시 29분 
BTW here's a pic: Also seen it in a Saxxy SFM
TheFrozenMonkeyKing님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 1월 1일 오후 3시 30분
Pte Jack 2014년 1월 2일 오후 9시 59분 
Sorry FMK, for some reason my post did not cause a subscribe to the thread. (got your message via Youtube).

This is an elusive model. I thought I had tracked her down in a reddit discussion, but the topic ended with no link to a model. I also chased her around in deviantart for a bit... lots of renders but no lead as to who the modeler was or where to download it. Whoever owns this model is keeping it to themself and a select few by the looks of it.

Looking at some of the renders, I thought that I had one of the users of this model in my friends list, but nope, I don't.

I know for a fact that this isn't available as a MaxofS2D model, and the Rezvin model is the cocktail scout.

I searched Gamebanana, TF2 Workshop, and the Garry's Mod workshop for a hexed skin, no luck.
[Lazy] SortaProductiveEngie 2014년 1월 26일 오후 6시 12분 
It's on the SFM Workshop
Pte Jack 2014년 1월 26일 오후 7시 57분 
Yup, there she is, posted on the 22nd of Jan... Thank's MaxofS2
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 26일 오후 10시 52분 
Yeah, I found it. Something funny is that a friend of mine made a femscout with pants and he gave it to me. Anyways his model had alot of other stuff to it, and it was almost done, but then this came out. Poor guy
CJ 2014년 1월 27일 오전 1시 23분 
The other model that you're talking about has other stuff but it isn't the best femscout model for regular posing sometimes. If it's the one I think you're talking about, it also functions as a nude model when you remove body groups and it can be difficult to pose with the skirt. The model's pants texture is currently broken anyway.
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 27일 오전 5시 55분 
No, it is not that one. Didnt even know a nude version existed. Anyways, it wasnt released in any way yet, except the one guy that leaked it 6 days ago
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 27일 오전 5시 57분 
BTW for some reason when I subscribe to the enchanced model it doesnt download or it becomes invisible. Glad I still got my friends version. Maybe it is the one making the other dissapear?
R234 2014년 1월 27일 오후 12시 13분 
That's likely, if it's called the same and is in the same file directory.
The Frozen Monkey King님이 먼저 게시:
Didnt even know a nude version existed.
Someone isn't familiar with rule #34 ;P
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 27일 오후 12시 47분 
So if I just rename one of the models both will work? And do I have to rename every single file?
TheFrozenMonkeyKing님이 마지막으로 수정; 2014년 1월 27일 오후 12시 48분
R234 2014년 1월 27일 오후 1시 08분 
You can't rename a model just like that, it'll simply break. You'd have to hex it. Or you could ask your friend to recompile it under a different name, would probably be safer.
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014년 1월 27일 오후 1시 10분 
Ok, thanks, I will ask him
CJ 2014년 1월 27일 오후 4시 51분 
Well the nude verson I was talking about (which has body groups to put/remove clothes on it) is the only model I know with that hair, which is why I mentioned it.

Also do you have another femscout installed? I had to make a dedicated folder for that femscout so she would appear because it didn't overwrite the old version I had in my usermod.
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