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Biggest Gaming Network 2013年12月27日上午5:52
SFM shakes !
When I´m steering an Camera , Animating a model or trying to create an new model the window s are shaking around .
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[GMG] Nexhin 2013年12月27日下午5:06 
Do you by chance mean something like this?
Biggest Gaming Network 2013年12月28日上午5:05 
Jup. It is
Biggest Gaming Network 2013年12月28日上午5:50 
I see that in your Post the Problem isnt solved too , so can you help me or not?
PS: Pls help me
Biggest Gaming Network 1月1日上午6:12 
I `ve not an Nvidea .
I have an ATI Raedon Hd 5650.
My Laptop : Acer Aspire 7741G
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