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EmperorFaiz.txt 2013年12月26日下午8:07
I tried to upload it to Steam two days ago but nothing happpens. My video is still not uploaded. But anyway enjoy my video
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imagitronics 2013年12月26日下午9:05 

FYI, you can link Steam to youtube and then tell Steam which of your Youtube videos to display in Steam. That's another way to go about it when Steam's video uploads are being cranky.
EmperorFaiz.txt 2013年12月26日下午11:14 
Lord_Jazza 2013年12月26日下午11:24 
You've done a really nice job! I love how Garry rode away with the money, that was a nice touch!
EmperorFaiz.txt 2013年12月27日上午1:08 
That's Gabe Newell
Lord_Jazza 2013年12月27日上午1:09 
RIGHT! I have no idea how I got that wrong! XD
Sorry, my brain is not functioning today. X3
imagitronics 2013年12月27日下午6:58 
Go you to your profile, then videos, then click "link youtube account"...

Once you do that, it will give you a list of all your youtube videos and ask you to pick which ones to add to steam.
EmperorFaiz.txt 2013年12月27日下午11:18 
First of all, I already linked my youtube acoount to steam, set all videos to public and allow embedding. But whenever I click 'Add Video', A line saying my video is succesfully uploaded to steam but the video is still not uploaded.
Smokaay Bacon 2013年12月29日上午3:28 
well done thats neat just keep makin awesome animations
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