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Jstrike900 2013年12月25日下午3:26
How to mix up a model.
Does anyone know how I can mix two models such as a baby scout model and a fox scout model together into an actual model and not the stretched out mess I always have to edit out.
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raptornx01 2013年12月26日下午1:25 
depends on how you want the merge to work. you could use the scaling option to hide the bits you don't need and lock together what you'll use.
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午1:58 
I have used that but I mean mix the models into a single model that I can use so that I can use the models more freely instead of dealing with the glitches and annoying stretching that tends to happen to the models.
raptornx01 2013年12月26日下午2:03 
The only way to make them one is decompile both models and stick them in blender/maya/etc and make what you want out of it.
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午2:10 
Il try but can you please send me some instruction cause im just now getting into model making and have been dieing to mix them together because I reallylike the models.
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午4:27 
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午5:30 
My only problem is that I have no idea how to get either the baby models or fox scout to show up in blender as there vtx , mdl , vvd, and phy
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午5:30 
Any ideas
raptornx01 2013年12月26日下午6:02 
you have to decompile then first.
Jstrike900 2013年12月26日下午6:49 
How do I do that sorry to bother.
mlisty2 2013年12月27日上午10:16 
Just watch the videos linked to above. It provides a good walkthrough of the whole process. I'm in the process of adding animations and smoothing out the model I've been working on and so far it works great.
Jstrike900 2013年12月27日上午10:33 
thanks alot but while decompiling what do I do if I have multiple pieces for models like a body texture then head and all of that.also how Do you make a mouth texture for the inside.
Jstrike900 2013年12月27日下午3:15 
I have a problem,the baby models im trying to use are HWM and will not decompile.How do you decompile an hwm
or is that not possible.
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