Cobalt Dec 24, 2013 @ 2:21pm
New items are black please help
I've been trying to get the brush with death to work because it's black and I wanted it to be its color like it is in the game, however no matter how hard I try it stays black. I've tried GIMP, Notepad++ and Hat proxy but it just does not want to go to it's original color. I've even tried following tutorial videos to fix this kind of problem but sometimes the color just glows to bright and that is not what I want. I have lost hope and came here for help so... please help!
P.S. I am only a newcomer to SFM so go easy on me :)
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Pte Jack Dec 25, 2013 @ 11:40am 
The problem with the fall2013_medic_wc_beard is that the original colour layer of the beard itself is black. You have to copy the greyscale colors of the masking layer and paste it to the colour layer. (careful not to overcolour the skin tones of the lips and other elements of the colour layer).

Once that is done, save it to your game\usermod\materials\models\workshop\player\items\medic\fall2013_medic_wc_beard so you don't overwrite the original. Now copy the vmt from the TF folder to the usermod folder you created. Open that in a text editor and change the "$color2" to "{ 0 0 0 }" and the "$colortint_base" to "{ 158 136 119 }" or whatever RGB colour number you want. The beard should work for you...

Much the same as what I did for the Robo Archimedes in this guide (will edit the link and post in a second if I can get in to it)
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