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Satori 2013年12月11日 22時43分
Graph Editor Glitch [Fixed, my bad}
I'm using graph editor to move my scene camera but after a certain time, the camera just won't move no matter what I do. I set a destination for my camera to move to and it shows that it should move perfectly in the graph editor, but the moving is just sped up and stops halfway.
Also, when I reach that part of the graph editor, the WASDZX keys don't work correctly. For example, a moves me right and d moves me left and they have weird angles for z and x.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
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Pte Jack Wishes Merry Christmas 2013年12月11日 22時52分 
Are you beyond the 60 second mark?? Does your camera animation set have enough time set to it?

like this??

Satori 2013年12月11日 23時17分 
I think that's the problem. Thanks!
I figured out how to fix it 30 minutes later
最近の変更はSatoriが行いました; 2013年12月11日 23時47分
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