tdm0 May 17 @ 6:12am
sfm posster pls help
i can't get the chieftain's challenge to fit properly on soldiers head i did evrything correct but i can't lock "obgeagle2 or something like that under unknown on the chieftains.when i zero the chieftan's challenge comes up upside down
pls help
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Quasi May 17 @ 10:03am 
the only thing i can think of is zero-sliding everything in the chieftain EXCEPT root transform and obgeagle-whatever. some items turn upside-down when the root transform is zero-slid with everything.
Puzzler May 17 @ 10:57am 
Could you just describe it comprehensibly? I really do not understand what are you talking about.
I thought I had posted this fixed before but can't find it, maybe the threead was deleted.

Anyway, lock the challenge up as normal, don't worry about the objeagle bone right now leave it unlocked
Zero the hat onto the soldier. It will cover his face. Now select the objeagle bone only and slide the default slider, this will rotate the challenge into position.
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R234 May 17 @ 12:17pm 
Any bone that doesn't have a same named bone on the character model, leave it alone. Don't lock it, don't zero it. Simple as that.
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