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Shadowarr 4月28日上午10:13
Where can I find model of Black Suit and balaclava for Spy?
I need so much model of Black suit and balaclava for Spy. Help!
最后由 Shadowarr 编辑于; 4月28日上午10:26
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Shadowarr 4月28日上午10:25 
@Pte Jack
I mean black suit xD
Pte Jack 4月28日上午10:26 
最后由 Pte Jack 编辑于; 4月28日上午10:29
Shadowarr 4月28日上午10:32 
@Pte Jack
These skins can not be puted into SFM
Pte Jack 4月28日下午12:03 
Shadowarr 4月29日下午12:05 
@Pte Jack
I can't open them
Pte Jack 4月29日下午8:31 
YOu have to put them under usermod\materials\models\player\spy. The problem is that they become the default skins for the spy. That's just the way it is.
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