Eyegoblin8 28. apr @ 2:29am
please help me
can someone help me i cant lock the Gaelic Garb properly this is especially at the fore arms


how do i fix this ?

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ClintonM0 | C:ll>o 28. apr @ 2:31am 
Do not select bones without locks when using the zero slider.
Eyegoblin8 28. apr @ 3:05am 
i couldn't find bip_forearm(or something like that) on the demo man
Pte Jack 28. apr @ 3:14am 
You're using the HWM model aren't you???
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Eyegoblin8 28. apr @ 3:14am 
Opprinnelig skrevet av Pte Jack:
You're using the HWM model aren't you???

i dont know

ityped in : demo an grbbed the first 1 i saw
Pte Jack 28. apr @ 3:30am 
I'm not seeing that problem using the HWM model... Pull the demoman model onto the garb model and pull the zero slider to the right. It should fall right on to the demo.
ClintonM0 | C:ll>o 28. apr @ 3:34am 
^ Do not select the bip_forearm when doing this
Pte Jack 28. apr @ 3:40am 
Clinton, I just did it by pulling the HWM demo onto the garb without any problems

Here's the screen shot to prove it... http://imgur.com/QuwIuWF
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Eyegoblin8 28. apr @ 4:07am 
ok ty for your time
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