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CODAC 2014年4月23日上午5:41
Can't move the model
Hello. The problem is that I can't move the hwm model. For example, I import any animation and all. The animation is played, but I can't move the model through root transform. Help. And if you restart SFM , I can move the model. But it is very boring, every time I restart. Thank you in advance. And sorry for mistakes, I write through translator
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ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月23日上午7:26 
I'm not quite sure what is causing the problem, but make sure you are using the motion editor or graph editor (not the clip editor). Also make sure that you are looking at/selecting the right frame (the word "frame" may be mistranslated; it's a single point in time during the video).
CODAC 2014年4月23日下午12:05 
Thank you
CODAC 2014年4月23日下午12:53 
Oh ♥♥♥♥... its dont help me(
Pte Jack 2014年4月23日下午8:35 
Whaere is the playhead on the timeline, is it after 60 seconds?
CODAC 2014年4月23日下午8:39 
Yeah, I guess so. I pereschal timeline from start to finish, and watched. it did not help. once you're here, the ubiquitous jack. xD
Pte Jack 2014年4月23日下午8:43 
Are you trying to move the model after the 60 second mark... The reason I as is that there is a default animation time give to objects of around 60 seconds. Double click on the clip to get to the screen in this picture... If the yellowish orange line ends before the time you are time to animate at, you'll have to extend the line.
Pte Jack 2014年4月23日下午8:46 
In that picture, I would not be able to move the Heavy_bot after 15 Seconds unless I extended the line
CODAC 2014年4月24日上午12:16 
Now I will try, and will You accomplish your goal. Thank you!
CODAC 2014年4月24日上午7:09 
No, its not help me((((((
Pte Jack 2014年4月24日上午11:46 
Give us a couple of screenshots of the workarea that show the Console the bone you're trying to move and the editor you're trying to move them in like this...
CODAC 2014年4月24日下午8:24 
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