ASDFTurtles Apr 22 @ 9:40am
Problems with Textures
Okay, so I downloaded the Gabe Newel model for use in my SFM. However, upon loading, the eyes are just the purple and black checkerboard, as if the eyes are texture-less! A pal of mine on DeviantArt is having the same problem with the Maskless Spy. We've looked all over Google but found no help at all.
Anyone willing to help?
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Pte Jack Apr 22 @ 10:11am 
Hmmm, check the area where the materals live to see if there is a VMT for the eyes (should be something like eye_L.vmt and eye_R.vmt.) If there is, open those up in a text editor and see what the $basetexture is suppose to be and where it is suppose to live. Copy those materials to the proper folder. (sometimes these are coded wrong or as relatives in the vmts)
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing Apr 22 @ 11:46am 
Jack, I got a model with no vtf for the eyes, only the vmt. Is it possible for me to just make the eye vtf's myself?
Pte Jack Apr 22 @ 11:50am 
If you have a vmt for the eyes, it should give a path and the vtf name for those eyes. If those materials are missing, then yes, you can make the eye VTF yourself. When you create the VTF, make sure you save it as the filename the vmt is calling and in the folder it is being called from. The problem you are going to face is knowing where in the image the eye is suppose to be because the model will have UV Maps assigned to the eyes. you can either decompile the model and get it into a 3D modeling tool and look for the UV map or play it by ear and just start painting the image and feel your way through the UV Maps by trial and error.
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing Apr 22 @ 11:56am 
Thanks! :D
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