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The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時05分
How Do You Remove Snipers Glasses?
Hey guys just working on a couple of posters and videos and i was wondering does anyone know how to remove snipers glasses? I know you just move those items away (like soldiers grenades) but it does not appear in the unknown tab. Plus i click on the gear like they said in the forum but i dont see a "Reveal hidden things" option. I dont know if im blind or just stupid but please help?
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ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月21日 19時06分 
Right click the sniper -> Set Body Groups. It should be in there.
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時07分 
alright let me try that
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時08分 
nope only brings up his hat, bullets, sniper and arrows
ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月21日 19時12分 
Hmm... Not sure why they didn't put the bodygroup in but you can always move the prp_sunglasses bone off the view of the camera.
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時13分 
I tried that but the problem is that doesnt come up at all in any of his tabs
ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月21日 19時15分 
It's in Unknown. Alternatively you can find it on the viewport when using the motion or graph editor. Should be around the head area.
ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月21日 19時15分 
Oh yeah, also make sure you're using the HWM model, not the standard TF2 model. The standard one doesn't have this bone.
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時17分 
alright let me check
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時21分 
all i got is the mdl and the ani model
ClinterinoM0 | C: 2014年4月21日 19時21分 
It's in the tf_movies mod, not the tf mod.
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月21日 19時23分 
Thank you so much it worked
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Pte Jack 2014年4月21日 20時52分 
The player sniper has a bone in the unknown elements called prp_glasses. You select that and then you can pull the glasses from the Sniper`s face and stash them somewhere out of scene. To put them back on you would select the prp_glasses bone and default it back to the Sniper.
GitsN'Shiggles( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2014年4月30日 9時55分 
Yeparoo, just hold down CTRL and click my glasses. No worries.
The Auburn Beard 2014年4月30日 16時31分 
well now
Pte Jack 2014年4月30日 16時44分 
The HWM Sniper actually has a bodygroup option to turn them off.
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