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XFragsHD 2014年4月21日 17時45分
Importing CS:GO Maps into SFM [almost without problems]
Hi guys!

Can you help me with the CS:GO maps in SFM? I loaded them (I think correctly), but there are missing some objects. The worst map is de_dust2 because there are a lot of objects that are missing. Look:


I don't know what to do :( I got the maps from the facepunch thread (his name is King or something like that). I just loaded a *.bsp map. I think I should have some models?

Help, please :)
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Pte Jack 2014年4月21日 17時58分 
Have you ported the CS:GO and CS:Source models to SFM?
6000 ANGRY BEES 2014年4月21日 22時14分 
Don't use the .bat file when exporting the CSGO content to SFM. It's an outdated method that breaks things. Delete the models folder and re-export from CS:GO, this time not using the batch file. This should work.
XFragsHD 2014年4月22日 8時01分 
why CS:S? I want only the CS:GO Models :O

Thanks Angry Bees! It works almost perfectly ;)


Only these 2 places aren't well looking and... the train map won't load :P and on the mirage map, the lightning is looking very bright (almost no shadows), but it's not a problem :P Only the water on Nuke and the fact that I can't load the train map =/
Pte Jack 2014年4月22日 8時11分 
Granted, but I have found that a lot of stuff is crossed from CS into GO, (which I believe is an add-on to the original as in I think you to have to have CS in order to play GO... (not sure))
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XFragsHD 2014年4月22日 10時33分 
I have CS:S and CS:GO :)
Pte Jack 2014年4月22日 10時37分 
But have you ported the assets into SFM? These are probably the models that are missing from your maps.
XFragsHD 2014年4月22日 12時07分 
how to port it?
Pte Jack 2014年4月22日 12時17分 
Same process as this, just sub the TF2 references for the game you want to get the assets for..
XFragsHD 2014年4月24日 9時44分 
Actually I did the same things but I ahd to compile the maps into *.bsp and my only problem is that the maps aren't looking "normal" in some places :-/ Maybe it's because I compiled (or converted) these files wrong? As you can see, in this folder are all files that I need but the maps aren't just looking as good as they could be =/
Pte Jack 2014年4月24日 11時28分 
get rid of the Resource and Script folders, they can cause problems for SFM unless you really know wht you're doing.
Pte Jack 2014年4月24日 11時29分 
As for the map recompile, did you use the SFM version of hammer to compile them?
XFragsHD 2014年4月24日 11時31分 
yes :) but it took several times to do that (sometimes I got errors) :P
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