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Fitne Por 2014年4月21日下午12:34
Does SFM simply not render postprocess in Poster mode?
The title says it all; trying to export a poster doesn't render the bloom, colorcorrect, etc. Why? Does it just not do it?
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R234 2014年4月21日下午12:37 
Yeah, it just doesn't.
Fitne Por 2014年4月21日下午12:38 
Unfortunately, Valve time is in effect and Valve ain't coming to fix it any time soon.

...on the other hand, does ToneMapScale work?
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Pte Jack 2014年4月21日下午1:10 
If you need things like that or a vignette or material overlay effect (things that don't show up in a poster) instead of rending a poster, render a movie in Image Sequence mode. Select Image Sequence as your format, then set the time to custom. render a second worth of video images around the time that is your best shot, half second before, half second after. At 24 frames per second this will render 24 shots with all the effects. Pick the best one and scrap the rest.
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