Crazy Jack 20 кві 2014 о 21:54
need a little help with zero preset
whever i use the zero preset to attach a misc or wep the transform goes into some random place on the map and even if a use it, it dosent work. can you please help me?
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Pte Jack 20 кві 2014 о 23:14 
When you lock an item you should drag the character to the item you want to lock. BEFORE zeroing, expand the item to see if there are any transition that didn't, (ie the root transform only being called transform or root. Find the bone in the locking character and lock it up. THEN zero the slider.
Crazy Jack 20 кві 2014 о 23:29 
ok ill try that
Crazy Jack 21 кві 2014 о 20:29 
Thanks it worked now,
Wabefuhon 6 січ о 2:07 
I had forgotten this, but you lock the character to the item, not the item to the character. Drag the name of the bone of the character to the bone of the item. This should fix any misplacements when zeroing or otherwise. Just make sure to lock "all" bone names of the character to the bone names of the item you are locking with the character. Weapons are easy, but items such as clothing or gloves, a recent headache I came across, you should click, hold and drag the bone name from the character to the same bone name of the item. This will lock the item automatically, not the character.

If you have done this correctly, then select the item and drag the [zero] bar from left to right. Now your items, gloves in my case, will fit like a glove. No pun intended.
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