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Blazeken 2014年4月20日下午9:18
help me with source filmmaker
I install source filmmaker, and when I wanted to use got an error look and realized it had to do with the antivirus, which prevented esjecutara, started as APPLICATION OF STEAM TRUST in KASPERSKY pasava nothing but what is I have acer please help me
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Skitt64 2014年4月20日下午10:00 
What antivirus do you use?
Pte Jack 2014年4月20日下午11:31 
Kaspersky Skitt, read the text...

I use kaspersky as well... Are you using IS or just the AV?? In your settings under Application settings , Most Steam stuff ends up as Low Restricted... I usually go through and assign to trusted then if it still gives me probs, I'll right click the Steam app that is causing problems and put an exclusion on it...

But I have to say that 2013 hasn't caused me any probs
最后由 Pte Jack 编辑于; 2014年4月20日下午11:32
Blazeken 2014年4月21日下午7:03 
I look at is that I have the antivirus kaspersky anti virus 2013, but not if it IS or AV could tell me how saver could, because when I start Source Filmmaker I get an error I do not understand how I can fix, not fix helps Please, I apique as trusted application is kaspersky and not fix, delete that file staem AppCache not fix me ... help me
Pte Jack 2014年4月21日下午8:48 
If it is Kaspersky that is giving you problems, it is best to talk to a Kaspersky Support Agent, especially in your own language. They have probably gone through this hundreds of times.
Blazeken 2014年4月21日下午9:15 
the trouble is that not doing so well as I'm underage XD
Pte Jack 2014年4月21日下午9:29 
Ah, time for mom and dad or older brother/sister to help out then...
Blazeken 2014年4月21日下午9:32 
Well not yet what to do with the problem
Pte Jack 2014年4月21日下午9:44 
If setting Kaspersky didn't help, Close Steam and try to run it as an administrator, see if that works
Blazeken 2014年4月21日下午9:50 
ise good but it did not work, but thank you for your friend deveras contribution ok do you can add? XD if you want to clear
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