[H.A.B] Skitt64 Apr 16 @ 12:39am
Trying to put modified model back into SFM
Hi. I recently managed to import a Sonic model into Blender to modify it. I finished with the modifications, and well... now I can't figure out at all how to get the model back into the format it was in before. I simply can't get it out of Blender.
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ClintonM0 | C:ll>o Apr 16 @ 12:44am 
This bit's quite technical.

1. Export the model as a .smd file into any folder using Blender Source Tools
2. Make a .qc file to compile the model. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/QC
3. Use StudioMDL to compile. GUIStudioMDL would also be a good, easier alternative. http://www.wunderboy.org/apps/guistudiomdl2.php

That's just the steps required. Step 2's probably the most difficult, and would probably take quite a bit of time.
Pte Jack Apr 16 @ 1:11am 
The portion on getting a valve model back into SFM isn't quite written yet, But if you have your qc written the process is the same as the other 3 models I've given examples for. Export your model the same way, setting Blender source tools up, point the game field to usermod, and the qc path to your qc. After exporting the DMX files, compile the model the same way as I did the stool. You should at least have a model you can view in SFM.
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[H.A.B] Skitt64 Apr 16 @ 9:20am 
Blender won't let me export the file, when I try to it simply says "Scene unconfigured. See the SOURCE ENGINE EXPORT panel in SCENE PROPERTIES. Is there a reason for that?
[H.A.B] Skitt64 Apr 16 @ 11:19am 
Some help right now would be good.
ClintonM0 | C:ll>o Apr 16 @ 5:19pm 
You haven't set up your exporting options yet. Ask Pte Jack on this problem, he's better with explaining modelling-related stuff
[H.A.B] Skitt64 Apr 16 @ 5:49pm 
Thanks. I can't believe I didn't realize that XD
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