Can't merge Shrek model with car - Help :C
So i'm trying to make the ragdoll Shrek model to be static and fixed after i posed him in my desired position, then i tried to put him on a car and i made the animation of the car going forward, but the Shrek model doesn't go forward too, when i select both of the models and try to move anyone in any direction they just bug and messed up all the model bones and parts. How can i make a ragdoll model like Shrek be static like a stone, that can't move the bones but still can move him as a entire piece? And how can i attach this ragdoll to the car prop model animation so both can go forward?

Any thought is much appreciated.

Thanks Brogres!
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Pte Jack Apr 13 @ 3:39pm 
Lock the root transform of the car to the root transform of the shrek
ClintonM0 | C: Apr 13 @ 6:45pm 
Originally posted by Pte Jack:
Lock the root transform of the car to the root transform of the shrek
I would say the other way around, locking the rootTransform of Shrek to the car.

Also, don't forget to drag the zero procedural slider up to max
Pte Jack Apr 13 @ 6:50pm 
A matter of syntax. Drag the car root transform on to the Shrek Root Transform (hence my car to shrek lock terminology) you want Shrek to follow the car, not the car to follow Shrek.
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ClintonM0 | C: Apr 13 @ 6:56pm 
Also make sure when dragging the procedural slider, you only have the rootTransform of Shrek selected. Otherwise the pose goes all weird.

It worked! Thanks Brogres!

It's all ogre now.
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