Timegaming Apr 8 @ 9:36am
Animating help
can some one help me with animating because when i first tried this came out (pose to pose)
the thing is what do i do after i have the pose to pose done i tried rounding it but it just ended
looking really bad

then i found the graph editor and made this

but it still looks terrible can anybody give me tips ?
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Pte Jack Apr 8 @ 9:44am 
Practice... The second one is much better considering you are just learning. Making the videos like those submitted for Saxxies take a lot of time. The winners of last year's Saxxy spent over 6 months working on it. Don't rush yourself, and try to improve a little with each new video. Read guides, watch tutorials and keep going.
TheFrozenMonkeyKing Apr 8 @ 12:05pm 
Jack is right. I rememeber joining the saxxies with something like that, and now I think my entry was just sh*t. The only way to get good is to work hard, and long
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