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I am having trouble adding the files of a hat from the workshop to SFM...I don't know what to put and where...
The title says everything... :(
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Pte Jack Mar 29, 2014 @ 10:43pm 
No the title doesn't say it all... What hat? What workshop... If SFM it does it for you. If not, What link?
Well, it's actually multiple hats. For example, the Steam TF2 Workshop holds the hat called the Second Opionion, an all-class hat.
The error is for multiple hats, but I am mentioning only this one because it seems to be the one that is having the shared error.
Pte Jack Mar 30, 2014 @ 5:26pm 
That's one the problems right there, it's coming out of the TF2 Workshop and not the SFM Workshop, so you have to first port it into SFM. Not all TF2 generated items are going to work in SFM without some fiddling. Most TF2 Workshop items are created to REPLACE a current regular TF2 item and have to be set up that way to work in the TF2 Game environment for submission. Anyway... Let me have a look at the hat you mention and see what I can find out about it and get back to you.
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Pte Jack Mar 30, 2014 @ 5:36pm 
I just walked through a ton of hats in the TF2 Workshop and can not find the hat you mention. Please provide a link. Excuse me, it had a different name, the Double Agent! :P But anyways, this is it. The creator supplies a link to test it and I ask if that as the model, and he said it was.
Pte Jack Mar 30, 2014 @ 11:43pm 
this hat is totally unusable in SFM.

First... The author has packed as a replacement (as I said before) for the {class}_bill.mdl
he has packed into the wrong folders. The pack unpacks to models\player\items\{class}

According to the models innards, it should be unpacked to models\workshop\items\all_class\double_agent_preview4

The hat only has one name for all of the classes... there is no class designation built in for the different sizes of hats for the different classes. (at least not that I can see opening the mdl file)

This is the actual name the Engineer hat is calling itself,

and this is the actual name the Demo hat is calling itself

They are Identical

Relocating and renaming the model files, doesn't help... The hat remains invisible.

Further more the materials have the same characterists as the other Community misc items, Black and Unpaintable. This is because the main material layer is painted black (the fedora) SFM requires it to be whitsh to be paintable.

See here

This is what the Red Skin should look like if the materials were correct...

How was I able to get it into SFM? I decompiled fixed the errors in the qc and recompiled using the SFM flavour of Studiomdl.

Will I do it for the workshop?? Only with the original modellers permission

or you can request that he builds a SFM variant of the hat and posts it to the SFM Workshop,

Or you'll have to wait for it to hit SFM via the community contributed items if it makes it into the TF2 Game then subsequently into SFM.
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Ah, I understand that, but what about something like this one?
This one came out with 4 folders for just this model, with different looks. SFM did not recognise them though, do I put them in seperately?
Also, the person gave me permission to use in SFM...and I cannot find a single tutorial about using the GUIstudioMDL program. :/ Could you make a small tutorial about how to use it? And lastly, I don't really care about painting hats, I just prefer a lot of hats with their default colors. :P
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