Fire 火 Mar 25 @ 6:40pm
What do I attach "jiggle_pipe" to?
So I am doing a poster, and part of this guys loadout is the "Steam Pipe" (robo_medic_ninepipe_problem1). I don't know where to attach this, and it is not in the Unknown section... any help on this? Thanks in advance!
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Pte Jack Mar 25 @ 7:30pm 
Connect it to the bip_head and zero the hat. once zero'd, remove the lock from the pipe, select it and use the default slider to move it back into position.
R234 Mar 25 @ 7:56pm 
When a weapon or hat model has bones the character doesn't, just ignore them. Don't lock them to anything, and more importantly, don't zero them in.
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Pte Jack Mar 25 @ 8:01pm 
Either way, works fine. It's just that with some hats, you can't just lock it up and zero it. Some require fiddling with....
Fire 火 Mar 26 @ 6:38am 
Okay thank you guys for the help! Works great now!
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