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Princess Cherry 2014年3月17日 22時12分
Custom item working in tf2 but not in SFM
I'm trying to get a custom item into SFM to help out the item creator by making a SFM picture showing off their item. They made the item a skin and that works but when I try putting it into sfm it shows the bones but no textures. Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it?
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Pte Jack 2014年3月18日 17時23分 
Princess Cherry 2014年3月18日 18時12分 
Thank you, I'll try it out when I can and let you know if it works or is messed up.
Princess Cherry 2014年3月18日 19時21分 
Didn't work and that wasn't the problem
Pte Jack 2014年3月19日 2時21分 
Well, can you post a link to the model?
Princess Cherry 2014年3月19日 12時48分 
He also gave me a verison where it had its own name for the files but it didn't work either.
Pte Jack 2014年3月19日 13時22分 
The author of this model totally pooched the path hierarchy and the model filenames in the GameBanana zip file.

Man, what a hornets nest. Ok, first, in your usermod folder create the following paths fo the model files.

in the usermod models folder create thefollowing path workshop\player\items\spy\crab_bib

Dump the model mdl, vtx and vvd files in here

Now Edit the file names and change spy_rose to crab_bib in all the files

Now in the usermod materials folder create the following path models\workshop\player\items\Spy\crab_bib

Dump the material vmt and vtf files in here.

Load SFM and have fun with your new bib. now a sepaate model known as crab_bib.mdl
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Princess Cherry 2014年3月19日 17時15分 
Thank you man, I didn't even think about putting them in the workshop folder
Pte Jack 2014年3月19日 17時18分 
No, it's not the workshop folder. That one is a level too high. You have to create a workshop folder UNDER the materials and Models folders in Usermod or wherever you're going to put them. The Workshop folder goes, workshop/models, not models/workshop.

So the actual path for this is

Models/Workshop/Player/Items/Spy/Crab_bib/ and the model files here after they have been renamed
Materials/Workshop/Player/Items/Spy/Crab_bib/ and the material foles here

If you threw this into the workshop folder, you would have to create the path like this

Workshop / (models and materials) / workshop / player / items / spy / crab_bib / and then the files here
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Princess Cherry 2014年3月19日 18時01分 
No no I said that wrong, I did it the way of "Materials/Workshop/Player/Items/Spy/Crab_bib/" and "Models/Workshop/Player/Items/Spy/Crab_bib/" I just meant the area workshop, never came to mind. Its working. Thank you
Pte Jack 2014年3月19日 18時40分 
Kewl... Have fun with it...
Princess Cherry 2014年3月19日 18時41分 
You say that just after I post three pictures of it, one of them actually being kinda funny
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