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Professor's Pineapple is Picky
Lol the title.

Anyway, the Professor's Pineapple (Multi-Class Misc) seems to be picky about which map it wants to behave on, material-wise. I applied Sync's VMT fix (that man is a genius...), and for the most part, it works perfectly and I don't think his fix is the cause of this problem.

In stage.bsp, the model imports just fine, with the right color and everything and I can paint it with the hat proxy.

On cp_steel.bsp, it imports black, and I'm unable to paint it at all :(

The map IS a big deal because it's for a poster I'm working on and the client asked for cp_steel specifically, so it's a must-do here.

Any ideas?

After rotating around the model, I noticed that from the back, it's almost transparent, so I'm going to mess with the AO of the model and see if that fixes it, but I don't think it will or should, because the model was working fine yesterday without messing with it.
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Messing with AO did nothing. Might as well try the paint fix. The reason I didn't try this before is because Sync's VMT fix had worked just fine and I'd been able to paint, but now I can't.

Paint fix didn't work ;-;
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Wow, so looking through more of Sync's guide, I found the issue. Paint goes out the window if you shine a light on the flasks...

Anyway to make it ignore the light? :s
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