Beta Mumbles #EOTL Boner Mar 12 @ 11:04pm
I'm running into a few problems with SFM
Mainly in the coloring of hats department, now I know there's plenty of tutorials with usually two different wats of doing things, one classified as the "sloppy way" and one that involes editing the file via a notepad program

Now I've tried both methods and nothing has worked, thought I've tried to color one item, the brutal legend hair, now I'm not sure if people have had similar problems with that specific cosmetic, but I'd appreciate the help if any of you have any tips

Now as for what I'm specifically doing in SFM, since I've gotten a new computer I'm doing the generic edit Meet the Heavy stuff (I did try the coloring methods in a new blank file and got the same results)

I sort of wish there'd be an update for SFM that would make coloring as easy as setting the skin for a weapon, but alas I know the folks at Valve are busy people
Date Posted: Mar 12 @ 11:04pm
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