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Herr Gamer 2014年3月10日下午1:41
Portal 2 Maps in SFM?
Well... I searched everything in the discussion and on Google up, but I couldn't find a good Tutorial/discussion that really explains to me what I have to do to get these Maps into SFM. So I thought I'm just gonna ask here myself...

And another thing I wanted to ask: Would it also be possible to import Portal 2 Custom Maps into SFM?

Thank you already^^
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[G.o.D.] Strashniy Velikhan 2014年3月10日下午5:13 
Mm, you need to convert the vpk files. You need GCFScape to convert those files so you can actualy use them in SFM, then add them to their directories. I am guessing you already know where those models have to go, so I am just keeping it simple. And trust me, it works, but it just takes a while and some tampering for the models to work. :) Hope that helps.
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Herr Gamer 2014年3月11日上午8:28 
Well... I already had the models, but thanks anyways since I tried around again a bit and found out myself how to do it, I wouldn't have done this without your comment so... Thank you.. I guess xD
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