Herr Gamer 10. maalis, 2014 13.41
Portal 2 Maps in SFM?
Well... I searched everything in the discussion and on Google up, but I couldn't find a good Tutorial/discussion that really explains to me what I have to do to get these Maps into SFM. So I thought I'm just gonna ask here myself...

And another thing I wanted to ask: Would it also be possible to import Portal 2 Custom Maps into SFM?

Thank you already^^
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[G.o.D.] Strashniy Velikhan 10. maalis, 2014 17.13 
Mm, you need to convert the vpk files. You need GCFScape to convert those files so you can actualy use them in SFM, then add them to their directories. I am guessing you already know where those models have to go, so I am just keeping it simple. And trust me, it works, but it just takes a while and some tampering for the models to work. :) Hope that helps.
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Herr Gamer 11. maalis, 2014 8.28 
Well... I already had the models, but thanks anyways since I tried around again a bit and found out myself how to do it, I wouldn't have done this without your comment so... Thank you.. I guess xD
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