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Big Boss 2014年3月9日 20時38分
Missing Imported Textures?
So I imported some files from Garry's Mod into SFM (TDM Cars, etc).
The models load perfectly fine; but all the textures are missing.
I've looked in my materials folder and all the files are there,
but I still have the black/pink squares.

Anyone know what's going on? Did something import wrong?

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Pte Jack 2014年3月9日 21時27分 
materials are in the wrong folder....

Here's a tip for you to go through...
Big Boss 2014年3月10日 12時07分 
Thanks, Jack! You're a live saver!
I also found out that some of my texture packs were being "shared" in a different folder so I had to import those ones seperately into the usermod folders.

Thanks a lot, I owe you one!
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