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UBI | $ky R@bbit 2014年2月28日上午1:59
Need Urgent Help plzzz(resolved)
Hi Guyz...I'm facing this wierd issue where m not able to paint executioner or Reggalator (bones & burst style)...
I have tried this tutorial but doesnt work....
I also tried changing the colorbase values in VMT files but no luck...
Plz Plz Plz help me...
i cant make screenshots bcuz of this....and some of friends already hate me for this :(
最后由 UBI | $ky R@bbit 编辑于; 2014年2月28日上午4:33
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UBI | $ky R@bbit 2014年2月28日上午2:27 
Thank you for the reply...i tried this too...doesnt help :'(
Pte Jack 2014年2月28日上午4:03 
VTF is pooched and needs to be repaired like the Medic Robo Archimedes.
UBI | $ky R@bbit 2014年2月28日上午4:33 
Problem solved......thanks a ton to Pte Jack.... i can now sleep peacefully :D
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