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bboysmoke 27 feb, ore 14:24
what i need to do?
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 27 feb, ore 14:25 
Get the textures. This map doesnt probably work for sfm
Pte Jack 27 feb, ore 20:50 
What game did you pull that map from? The errors and the black and purple checkerboards mean that you don't have the models or the materials required in the map.
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 27 feb, ore 22:57 
No worries jack,I helped him outside the forum. Problem solved. This was a csgo map, but he didnt have any csgo content in sfm
Pte Jack 28 feb, ore 0:18 
Kewl, Thanks
bboysmoke 28 feb, ore 1:49 
ye thanks for frozen monkey
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