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-[FF]- Mrbabbles 2月18日 19時50分
How do I make in-game elements like props appear in my animation without recording footage in-game.
I want to make all of the things I see in game appear in my viewport and final animation, without recording a take. Now I now I could just set my playermodel to become non-visible but props only draw around my character a certain radius, so if I record my character running around every section of the map it would just cause props constantly popping in and out of the shot as my invisible character runs around the map, getting out of the draw radius of the props.
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raptornx01 2月18日 20時04分 
right click the animationset editor and select create animationset for new model, and find the props you want. everything that would be there ingame should be available as a model you can manually place.
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