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ViperMaw 18 Şub @ 12:57pm
SFM to Maya
Hey guys!

I know there is a tool that makes you able to import models from SourceFilmMaker, so that I can be able to create a walk cycle in Maya, and add it in SourceFilmMaker.

But since, I've heard MESA 2.0. Is that the tool I am looking for? I'm not totally sure and I'd like a confirmation ^_^
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Pte Jack 18 Şub @ 1:12pm 
Sorry Powsen, I'm not a Maya user... I can't help you here.
ViperMaw 18 Şub @ 2:30pm 
Aw, that's nothin Jack, you already helped me a lot on SFM, hope someone else will be able to help me :)
Pte Jack 18 Şub @ 9:26pm 
Here's some info on MESA though
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