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YoloJoe™ 2014年2月17日 11時33分
Frozen camera.
I have a camera which i want to animate, however if i am not selecting the whole video in the motion editor, the camera becomes frozen and i cannot edit it,

Why is this happening?
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SamSpielberg 2014年2月17日 11時38分 
That happens when you create an animation set for the camera. Creating an animation set for the camera means you can only move it/animate it in the motion or graph editor.
Pte Jack 2014年2月17日 11時48分 
The camera has to e selected in the animation set editor in order t move it or adjust its properties.
YoloJoe™ 2014年2月17日 12時11分 
I already selected it and it still doesn't work
Pte Jack 2014年2月17日 12時44分 
Are you beyond the 60 second mark or have multiple shots in your clip? If multiple shots, make sure you have the proper shot selected. if Beyond the 60 second mark, make sure that you've added time to the animSetEditorChannel by double clicking the clip and extending the orange line to meet your needs.
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