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XRuinX 2014年2月15日下午10:13
Shooting in-game crashes SFM (and map suggestions?)
My computer exceeds the recommended so i know it is only the program.

For some reason when i shoot while in game mode it gives an error when finding particles and then crashes. I found this same problem elsewhere online but they had custom particles which created an error but i dont have any custom particles.

side note- if anyone knows any castle/gothic/dungeon maps with hdr for sfm, preferably tf2 style, can you tell the name of it? All the ones i have found so far lack HDR except helmskeep.
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phillippi2 2014年2月15日下午10:22 
Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for your first question. As to the castle; You can add in hdr by yourself, usually. Decompile the map, open it in hammer, and recompile it.
XRuinX 2014年2月15日下午10:50 
I've been living my life a lie. I totally assumed that HDR was a difficult process of manually putting all the lights in a map considering how time consuming people online have talked about it. Wow! Theres so many maps that need the HDR treatment too. Hope this works with all of them, im off to download Hammer! Thanks for the heads up!
raptornx01 2014年2月16日上午9:37 
It depends on the map. Some maps are as simple as Phil describes. Decompile it, grab the vmf you got from decompiling, load it in hammer, then immediate hit recompile and make sure the hdr box is checked. (the time consuming part is often because hammer does take like 20-30 minutes to recompile at times)

BUT, some maps, while they work fine as they are, you find have major issues after recompiling. Models outside the maps, holes in the maps causing leaks, etc. stuff that may seem fine with the map as is, but can make compiling an hdr version a huge pain in the ♥♥♥.
λ {ESG} 2014年2月16日上午10:44 
i had this before. it could be something in your usermod folder, thats what happened to me
XRuinX 2014年2月16日上午10:47 
were you able to figure out what it was in there? a model, material, etc. because it says it cant find the correct particles but i dont have any particles saved in the usermod folder.

EDIT: SOLVED! The problem was i took all the PCF files aka particles files out of the directory and left a text document in there because it looked like it was an included/required file for SFM. Now i took that txt file out. Now it runs perfectly in game, no crashes and the particles render as they should.
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