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brotherbroadway 2月15日 11時08分
Where did my timeline go?
this is the first time me using the SFM.
I wanted to drag the timeline onto my 2nd display but then it disappeared and i cant find it anywhere. even if i press "Show All Windows" it doesnt show it to me. HALP!
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Katana 2月15日 13時02分 
Try going to Windows>Layout>Default. If you reset the layout to its original state, it should reappear.
brotherbroadway 2月15日 13時05分 
It didn't though. Already tried that.
Pte Jack is away for a MONTH++ 2月15日 17時17分 
post a screen shot of your SFM session
brotherbroadway 2月16日 3時11分 
I couldn't screenshot it with steam because it would only take one part of the whole sfm. So here's a screenshot link then:
Pte Jack is away for a MONTH++ 2月16日 12時46分 
press F2 and see if the timeline pops up in it's own window. if it does, drag the tab to the main window.
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