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Having more items in a shot without crashing
Here I am again, yay...

Anyways, having too many items in a shot was my reason for crashing. (Thanks for the tip, guys ) My characters have hats they're wearing in every shot except for the shots with too many props, I removed the hats before loading the shot so it wouldn't crash. Is there any way around this? Any help is GREATLY apprciated.
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raptornx01 15. Feb. 2014 um 10:59 Uhr 
How many props? Unless you are talking thousands it shouldn't be an issue. maybe one of them is a bad model.
I had in one shot;

Workshop enhanced Heavy
Workshop Femscout
Workshop Opened Mannco. crate and lid
Enhanced Soldier
Enhanced pickup

The models I got rid of were
Soldier's Federal Casemaker (the Fredora)
The GrayBanns (Soldier)
Point and Click Trine wizard hat for Heavy
The Gabe Glasses for Heavy

It's probably not the heavy items because they work find in a another shot with few props.

Should it be worth mentioning I'm using Doc's color script?
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