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rdhoka 2014年2月11日 4時18分
Modify imported sequence NEED URGENT HELP !
Hi So, I imported a sequence of a spy running , and he runs across a bridge, but at around 2 Seconds I want to have him jump, but my imported sequence won't end, anyone know how i can stop the imported sequence and create my own.

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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年2月11日 5時29分 
Select the time region where you want him to stop running. Then drag the Playhead Slider to full. That should stop all animation
rdhoka 2014年2月11日 5時37分 
i can't seem to drag it
rdhoka 2014年2月11日 5時39分 
Wait, do i select it using the motion editor or the graph editor ?
rdhoka 2014年2月11日 5時47分 
I did that and the spy vanished
rdhoka 2014年2月11日 5時59分 
Nvm I got it, but now i have another question, should I use the motion editor or the graph editor to create the jump effect ?
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年2月11日 7時01分 
it depends. I often use the motion editor just to move things around and the graph editor to animate. You should do what you are most confident with.
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