rdhoka 11. helmi, 2014 4.18
Modify imported sequence NEED URGENT HELP !
Hi So, I imported a sequence of a spy running , and he runs across a bridge, but at around 2 Seconds I want to have him jump, but my imported sequence won't end, anyone know how i can stop the imported sequence and create my own.

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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 11. helmi, 2014 5.29 
Select the time region where you want him to stop running. Then drag the Playhead Slider to full. That should stop all animation
rdhoka 11. helmi, 2014 5.37 
i can't seem to drag it
rdhoka 11. helmi, 2014 5.39 
Wait, do i select it using the motion editor or the graph editor ?
rdhoka 11. helmi, 2014 5.47 
I did that and the spy vanished
rdhoka 11. helmi, 2014 5.59 
Nvm I got it, but now i have another question, should I use the motion editor or the graph editor to create the jump effect ?
TheFrozenMonkeyKing 11. helmi, 2014 7.01 
it depends. I often use the motion editor just to move things around and the graph editor to animate. You should do what you are most confident with.
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