Get Juiced 10. helmi, 2014 22.50
I Broke My SFM
idunno i was clicking and i made the scout do this thing and then i misclikced whike eating a turkey sandwhich and now i cant load up anything all my modles and animations are gone and no windows pop up when i start sfm up. I have entirely No idea what i've done, and uninstalling and then re-installing doesnt work. PLEASE HELP!!
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Sir Dirge of Cykaland 10. helmi, 2014 22.51 
Did the screen go blank or something? You have to gice us what is happening in and out of the screen area.
Get Juiced 10. helmi, 2014 22.52 
Yes whenever i start back up i have a blank screenand cant load any of my old stuff
Sir Dirge of Cykaland 10. helmi, 2014 22.54 
There should be something under one of the options on the top that when you click has an option called "Viewports". Click that and choose default. That should fix it.
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