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Fire 2014年2月10日下午4:29
Hat in SFM turns automatically black.
So I have a request for a medic loadout, and when I put in the executioner, it instantly turns black, and when I try to paint it, it also stays black. All my other hats are normal, just this one hat. Is there any fixes for this? If there is, please let me know! If you need any more information also, just ask!
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SamSpielberg 2014年2月10日下午5:19 
If you're asking for a medic loadout poster, I can do that for you. As for the hat fix, I got nothing.
Fire 2014年2月10日下午5:55 
I am looking for the hat fix, I'm not requesting a poster
SamSpielberg 2014年2月10日下午6:01 
Ah. My mistake.
Fire 2014年2月12日上午11:33 
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