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spider26.dh 2月10日下午12:09
Help im ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (sorry if i affended)
hi so i just finished my first animation for SFM and was trying to put it on my youtube account , but im not sure how , is a file converter involved or... i dont know .
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Pte Jack 2月10日下午12:26 
Upload to youtube normally, then go into the SFM hub and select the video tab. In the the right corner of the screen yu'll see a link YouTube Video button. Click that and drop the link to your video. Done!
spider26.dh 2月10日下午1:01 
is dat through SFM while in program or on an account on youtube uploading from comp. files (sorry i know im useless in dis area)
Pte Jack 2月10日下午1:14 
Upload your saved video from your computer straight to YouTube using the YouTube upload function from the YouTube site. Do Not use the Upload to YouTube and Steam button in SFM. Hope that answers your question.
spider26.dh 2月10日下午4:11 
thank you very much, you have helped me alot , i appreciate it.
spider26.dh 2月10日下午5:11 
how do you convert dmx to vlc
Pte Jack 2月10日下午5:48 
What the heck is VLC?
spider26.dh 2月10日下午5:49 
hello, i am spider, noop extrodinar, i traditionally to real live art (pen, pencil, brush) but perhaps you could teach me , id credit you in all my vids of course, i would like to make halarious videos for others enjoyment , but my animations lack any flow and are limited.... i would be very greatful.


spider26.dh 2月10日下午5:50 
my apologies i ment ISO , "VLC" is the player.
Pte Jack 2月10日下午5:57 
Spider, watch the official tutorial video that were put out by Valve. Here's the link to a playlist that is in order. If you have downloaded SFM you will have the tutorial DMX files they use on your computer so you can actual work along with the video in SFM. Those files are located in your

SourceFilmmaker\game\tf_movies\elements\sessions\tutorials Folder.

As you get better at it, pay particular attendtion to videos 13.1 through 13.3 (Gawd I wish they'd release the follow up to 13.3) these will help you with pose to pose animation and break you into the graph editor.

Once you understand the basics, break out to the many Youtube channels that have user made tutorials. You can find mine here... (Not the greatest, but some ppl are finding them helpful.)

This is the best advice I can give.
Pte Jack 2月10日下午6:01 
You can't convert a DMX to an ISO, they're both have totally different uses. If you want to watch or upload a video, you have to render it using the SFM Cameras to a video format. I think AVI is the native SFM codec, but if you download and install QuickTime, the MP4 and MOV codecs (formats) should be available (reboot your computer after the install).
spider26.dh 2月10日下午6:29 
oh, mk, danke comarade !
spider26.dh 2月10日下午9:15 
ok so ive been following the turt and im stuck on materials for textures, i cant find any texture files in male_ponies source folder
spider26.dh 2月10日下午10:40 
ach tus ive found them nvm
Pte Jack 2月10日下午11:08 
There are no textures in the Pony Source folder, thary are in the Overhaul pack.

If you unpacked the Overhaul pack correctly they should be in the Materials/models/vn_mlp folder.
spider26.dh 2月11日上午2:37 
found it n finished with my oc , i wish i could show it to you
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