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The Resonte! 9 feb, ore 17:01
Sound in the Particle Editor
When I go into the particle editor, there's sounds that appear occasionally.
Usually it's ambient/wind_gust1

It's annoying, so how can I stop this?
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Turn off the headphone??? IDK I haven't come across this.
raptornx01 9 feb, ore 17:49 
That's a new one.
EmperorFaiz.html 9 feb, ore 20:07 
I had this problem few times. Probably a glitch or something
or your speaker wires are grounding out some how...
6000 ANGRY BEES 9 feb, ore 21:51 
The particle editor is technically within Game Mode because SFM is a weird, weird piece of software, so if you're near some kind of ambient sound when you enter that editor that might pipe up.
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