Beat Feb 8 @ 7:28am
This is not the time spy
I'm creating a animation to test particles (So you know there are multiple shots in this animation ) But around 8.383 minutes, My model just litterally, Dissapears, What do I do?
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Pte Jack Feb 8 @ 6:33pm 
link, to the vid showing the prob?? Also are you zooming in on the model when it disappears, did you scale the model at all... Too many variables to answer this.
Beat Feb 8 @ 7:10pm 
I have no video, I didn't save it. I did not zoom in.
Pte Jack Feb 8 @ 7:42pm 
One of the big probs with custom characters is their hitboxes. They can cuse probs with filming. If the camera views the model at the wrong angle, the hitbox can make it vanish... I keep finding this out the hard way when trying to take a poster shot.
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