rdhoka Jan 31 @ 1:23am
Models disappear 30 seconds in to a shot HELP PLEASE !
So, I have a Red Heavy wearing the War Head and Fist of Steel, he's surrounded by 4 Robo Scouts, so the shot plays and around 30 seconds in, The heavy , the war head, and the robo scouts disappear. I trace them back and find out that the heavy has moved all the way to the end of the map, and so have the rest of the items, I can't get them to stay. PLEASE HELP ME !
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SamSpielberg Jan 31 @ 6:58am 
Try selecting each model and going to the motion editor (the place with the green area). Drag the playhead slider all the way to the right. If your models have animations, then just select the roottransform instead of the entire model.
rdhoka Jan 31 @ 8:23am 
Sorry, I don't understand, moving the playhead only changes the time that im viewing. I
TheFrozenMonkeyKing Jan 31 @ 8:25am 
Dont move the PLAYHEAD. Move the PLAYHEAD SLIDER. It is usually left for your viewport
rdhoka Jan 31 @ 8:26am 
Thank you so much ! I got it

Edit, I don't got it, sorry im a bit confused , where is the playhead slider

Edit 2, I do got it (for real, found the PLAYHEAD text, thanks guys)
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