MecaMike Jan 28 @ 4:11am
Where can I download models for SFM, and where do I install them??
I would like to download some models (like Merasmus, Saxton Hale...) and some skins (the femscout, the zombie players). How can I get them?? And in what folder should I put them??
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EmperorFaiz. vtf Jan 28 @ 4:19am 
femcsout model is available in SFM workshop now. Just press 'Subscribe' and it will downloaded into the folder. the zombie player skins and merasmus model are already available in tf folder and I'm not sure about Saxton Hale model though.
MecaMike Jan 28 @ 4:49am 
and in what folder should I put them??
Pte Jack Jan 28 @ 10:13am 
Workshop items will install themsselves into SFM when you subscribe. Other downloaded custom content needs to be installed under the materials and models folders in Usermod or under their own folder and they are path specific.
MecaMike Jan 28 @ 12:12pm 

Originally posted by Pte Jack:
Workshop items will install themsselves into SFM when you subscribe. Other downloaded custom content needs to be installed under the materials and models folders in Usermod or under their own folder and they are path specific.

Thanks for your comment, Pte Jack, but I dont already understand where do I must take the Merasmus model from, and the zombies ones. Also I would like to know exactly where I must put them.

I have seen lots of your past comments in other discusions, and I see that you know a lot. Please answer.

Ah, and can you give me a link for download the femscout model pls?? I mean, a Workshop one.
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Pte Jack Jan 28 @ 12:15pm 
The Fem Scout is located in the workshop, here,
Just subscribe and the model should load itself into SFM.

As for the Merasmus model and the zombies can you provide a link to where you downloaded the models from. I'll take a look and advise where they need to go.
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MecaMike Jan 29 @ 7:17am 
OK, now I have already the femscout, thank you so much.

But talking about the zombie models and the Merasmus one, I just have the ones that are downloaded when I play with them in the tf2. Do I need other models, or with those ones is alright? I mean, if it is possible to copy the ones that I already have from its tf folder to another SFM folder.

If you answer me, I promise that I will SUSCRIBE to your youtube channel.

And please tell me in what folder should I put the models. Thx!!!
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Pte Jack Jan 29 @ 2:56pm 
As I asked before, where did you download load the models from, shoot me the link and I'll have a look. As for my YouTube channel, subscribe or not.. I'm not after rating, it's just there to help anyone who think the vids are useful.
MecaMike Feb 2 @ 10:31am 
Allright, I have change my chip. I have seen one of your videos showing how to use a tf zombie, and it helped me a lot. Sorry, I was a little bit confused, I thought that the zombies werent in the SFM, but now thx because I have the femscout, I know how to make a tf zombie, and the Merasmus is already in SFM.

So lots of thanks, and the only thing I wish to know is how to resolve the problem of the zombies, that are like invisible, like in your video. If you know how to resolve it, please tell it to me.
Pte Jack Feb 2 @ 3:03pm 
There are 3 skin VMTs that make up a TF2 Zombie. In this test, I added the VMT Command $MostlyOpaque to the Red Heavy and the Blue Scout Zombie VMTs. Where it doesn't completely fix the transparency problem, it culls it quite a bit.
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Pte Jack Feb 2 @ 4:14pm 
Hmmm, I've just been informed that the $mostlyopaque command is a qc command not a VMT command. I have to do more testing. Following the process may not work. I think it hinges around the $alphatest 1 command in one of the skins. I thought it was the $mostlyopaque command that was culling it. Standby...
Pte Jack Feb 2 @ 4:33pm 
Hmmm, nope, the $mostlyopaque command seems to make a difference in the vmt...

See here...
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R234 Feb 2 @ 4:36pm 
There's really only one way the zombie skins will ever be fully fixed for AO use, and that's by forgoing the use of alphatest materials, and instead going the model route. That is, by making an all-in-one zombie version of the class models with fully opaque materials. Actually I may just be able to do that if I read a bit more about armatures in Blender... Though it would be even better if someone more skilled than me made an HWM version, with high poly hands and the likes.
Pte Jack Feb 2 @ 4:44pm 
Yup, that's true R234. Either that or upgrade the SFM engine to the pure TF2 engine currently used in game, with all the bells a whistles installed to make the renders the same as in game play using the current model sets.
raptornx01 Feb 3 @ 6:17am 
Let us know how that goes. XD
Pte Jack Feb 3 @ 8:41am 
Listen, I've been pulling a lot of late nighters lately... I can daydream a bit, can't I?

I'm happy as long as they continue to develop the tool, but as I've stated in many of my posts, some real documentation on the bells and whistles would be greatly appreciated. The community has done a great job documenting their finds; there are tons of guides and tutorials out there to work from. But to have access to the actual SFM developer's manual... mann, what a treat that would be.
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