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Lightning Flame 2014年1月25日上午12:38
Eye dilation problem
I'm new to SFM and I can't get my model's pupil's/irises to shrink, only move back and forth and up and down.
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TheFrozenMonkeyKing 2014年1月25日上午12:40 
I dont know if it can shrink, unless you make the head bigger. This will make it look like the eyes are smaller, but it will look wierd if you dont use close up shots
R234 2014年1月25日下午1:08 
Unfortunately that only works in Garry's Mod, TFMK. SFM's scaling controls correctly scale the eye with the head.

I did some digging, and I don't think you can control the iris size, since that's coded directly into the model's QC file. However, I just found out you can control and even animate the pupil dilation:

Right-click the model's animation set and click Add Override Materials. Right-click it again, go to Show in Element Viewer > Model. Expand the Materials array at the bottom, and look for the eyeball materials. Right-click it, go to Add Attribute > float. Call it $dilation. Right-click the material again > Create Animation Set, and click OK. You should now have a slider that controls the pupil diation in the animation set editor.
raptornx01 2014年1月25日下午1:35 
There are a few models that have the ability to control iris. But they are always under skins. if the model has the ability at all, it'll be there.
Lightning Flame 2014年1月25日下午3:30 
I figured it out now, thanks guys.
Lightning Flame 2014年1月25日下午3:32 
holy ♥♥♥♥.
Lightning Flame 2014年1月25日下午3:33 
dude, raptornx01, is that actually you from youtube?
raptornx01 2014年1月25日下午5:04 
Yes. :3
Lightning Flame 2014年1月25日下午5:22 
dude your awesome
raptornx01 2014年1月25日下午5:44 
Lol Thanks! :D
Caramel.Pegasus 5月6日上午9:26 
i'd love to see this in action. I'm trying to figure out a way to dilate pupils on my model with a floating iris. I tried what R234 mentioned but the iris remained static.
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