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Kryllic jan. 24. @ du. 5:23
SFM won't go past 65 seconds
So I've been working on this animation, and it's a lengthy one, that goes past the standard 60 second timeframe when you first load it up. I extended the clip by going to the Clip Editor and draging the filmstrip out to about 600 seconds. When I got to the 65 second mark, I tried animating past it, but nothing moves, or it just reverts back to whatever was at the 65 second mark. Is this normal, or can I get past this weird glitch?
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raptornx01 jan. 24. @ du. 5:32 
double click the clip and extend the yellow bars that pop up.
Kryllic jan. 24. @ du. 5:44 
PF2 raptornx01 eredeti hozzászólása:
double click the clip and extend the yellow bars that pop up.
ah, wow, thanks, that'll help a lot :)
I did, however, find another alternative. I just created a new clip, albeit your method should be a lot easier to use in the future. Thank you :D
TheFrozenMonkeyKing jan. 24. @ du. 11:53 
That always happened to me XD I remember having to either drag the clip when I started my project, or reimport all the models.
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