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PigWithPants 1月23日 22時46分
SFM startup crash
So, a while ago I decided to try out SFM and installed it. I had the tutorial open in another window and it went fine up until the load a map part. Whenever I attempted to open any map SFM would instantly crash. I got tired of this and reinstalled. Now I can't even enter it without it crashing. Is there any fix?
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raptornx01 1月23日 22時51分 
system specs?
PigWithPants 1月23日 22時53分 
Nevermind, it's just the annoying "i'll only respond when I feel like it." I waited a while and it started responding again.
Pte Jack is away for a MONTH 1月24日 9時56分 
Try starting in off-line mode. Sometimes my sessions start at a snap, others 3 to 4 minutes later. I watched the console a couple of times and founf that the first post to the console was the connected to server line after the wait.
PigWithPants 1月24日 15時44分 
Is the preview thing as laggy the export?
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