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WhattheXbox Productionz 2014年6月26日 22時51分
Bloomscale does as directed, but only goes halfway.
So I'm just doing my own thang in source filmmaker, it's working good and all, but every time i try to lower the bloomscale, even at 0, it does as directed but the catch is you can obviously see the white line, and it only goes halfway across the screen. So if I'm not making sense, let me just put it this way: I lower the bloom scale to 0, and the white line still appears, but diagonally halfway. Can anyone tell me how to fix this because I'll be using SFM for a film I'm shooting in 3 months.
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Vintage 2014年6月26日 23時41分 
You can fix it by updating your graphic card drivers. If that doesn't work, you'll have to get a better computer.
WhattheXbox Productionz 2014年6月27日 22時13分 
How do i get the graphic card?
Vintage 2014年6月28日 0時59分 
By getting a computer. Without a graphic card, your computer would not be able to render anything to show on the monitor/screen.
WhattheXbox Productionz 2014年7月3日 22時47分 
where is the card
WhattheXbox Productionz 2014年7月3日 22時49分 
and i mean where is it located and how do i update it
Vintage 2014年7月4日 0時11分 
It is located in your computer, and the way to update it depends on what graphic card you have.
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