Adrien "Spy" Montagnon Jun 22 @ 5:39pm
How 2 export video to youtube in GOOD quality
i exported a video in MP4 onto my computer then uploaded to youtube, on computer it was good quality, but on youtube HOLY JESUS BALLS THAT WAS SUCH HORRIBLE QAULITY I DELETED IT! plz help
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Adrien "Spy" Montagnon Jun 22 @ 5:46pm 
SamSpielberg Jun 22 @ 6:14pm 
Don't export as .mp4.
The way I do it, and the way most people do it, is to export it as an image sequence, then load all the images into a program like Virtual Dub, and export that as an .avi, then convert that to like a .wmv or something similar. NEVER use SFM's .mp4 export, or any .mp4 export for that matter.
raptornx01 Jun 22 @ 10:51pm 
Also if you want to do MP4 if you set it to h.264 instead of MPEG4 it will look better.

you can follow the steps above, but keep in mind the raw avi will be massive. IE in the range of 2-3gbs for a minute of video. and the quality WILL drop once it gets to youtube anyway as they convert it to mp4 themselves.

In the end it's personal preference.
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