【Axi☆】 Jun 8 @ 12:29pm
How to connect character's root bone to another bone?
I'm so close, but when I drag the bone to the check box of the bone I want to parent it nothing happens.
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That is probably because the bone are not named the same between the 2 models. If that is the case, you have to connect them the old way, one by one. Expand both models in the animation set editor and find the bones you want to join, drag the individual bone to the other model and drop it on the bone you want to join.
If the two bone are in the same model and they won't join it is probably because your trying to drop a parent bone on a child bone. You can't do that. The child already gets its location and rotation from the parent. An example of this would be trying to drop spine 2 onto spine1, it won't work, but you can drop spine1 onto spine2 and lock that. Spine1 is the parent of spine2 Another example would be to try to drop an arm onto a spine bone... the arm is a child of the spine chain and SFM won't let you do that. But you can drop a spine bone onto an arm bone and lock that.
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【Axi☆】 Jun 8 @ 12:59pm 
I basically want to attach the root bone of a sitting model to the bone of a movign surface (a vehicle). The model in the ASE, to the bone of another model in the editor.
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click the plus of both models in the ASE, Find the main bone for each (usually roottransfer but you may find them not named the same) Drag the root bone of the moving surface onto the root of the sitting model. then zero the locked bone.
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【Axi☆】 Jun 8 @ 1:14pm 
Okay awesome, almost there. It drags, then I see a lock. but when i move forward in the animation the bone still doesnt move along the one i dragged it to. What do you mean by zero locked bone?

i ticked transfer motion to children but that wasnt it. i feel like im very close.
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Nope... Once the objects are where you want them and the bones are locked the way you want, you select the object that didn't have the movment, ensure all of time is selected in the motion editor and slide the playhead slider from left to right. Once that is done, play your clip...
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【Axi☆】 Jun 8 @ 2:10pm 
Thanks for the help man! I did it backwards at first. it works now.
Kewl, have fun
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